Aheadset Traditional 1-1/8"
Aheadset Intergrated 1-1/8"
Aheadset Traditional 1" Threaded
Aheadset Zero Stack 1-1/8"
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Aheadset System

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The all new Aheadset® is more than just a collection of 6 individual headset models; it's a system. The Aheadset® system intelligently maximizes the interchangeability of parts and minimizes the number of unique parts. With just 21 unique parts 11 different headset configurations can be assembled, including a ZeroStack™ for threaded or threadless 1" or 1-1/8".

Features & Firsts

Compression Cover
The compression ring and top cover are integrated forming one simple part

The cone and crown race in threadless models are the same part. In threaded models the cone/race is used as a crown race

Adjusting Cone
The threaded adjusting cone can be adjusted using a standard external bottom bracket tool, hook spanner or by hand

Lock Ring
The threaded lock ring features large 32mm wrench flats so a common 10" adjustable wrench can be used

LubeAlarm Seals
A green o-ring seals out contaminants and audibly alerts the user when more lubricant is needed

Top Cap
One universal top cap for all threadless models

Steel Cups
Strong steel cups with class-leading insertion depths feature a long lead-in for easy installation

The same high-quality caged bearings are used on all but the Integrated model


Cane Creek Cycling Aheadset System Small Parts Kit Video