Sibling rivalry at its worst!

Most people don't realise it but I'm the youngest of four children. To be fair though, none of us knew there were four until October last year when we met our older sister (quite a bit older then me, sorry sis). Our eldest brother is also quite a bit ahead of Tu and I as well and grew up with his mum in the deep south.

Being only 4 years younger than Tu you'd think there would have been the classic boys rough and tumble and sibling arguments. My memory could be terrible but I don't remember any of that stuff. From my memory, there was next to no rivalry and I remember a super athletic, good looking and clever older brother who did an amazing job of looking after me, even when I was the annoying 15 year old coming over to his uni dorm to hang out on weekends when he should have been out partying....

I'm not super sure why there wasn't that rivalry between us but for those who are looking for the juicy goss about our competitive childhood, this is the worst place to try and find that. 

While we didn't have a rivalry and we did get on super well growing up, we were and still are incredibly different people. One: he has hair and I don't. Two: I'm super competitive and he isn't. Three: he will be the first to hug someone when they've fallen over and I'll be reaching for the med kit to fix them (that's the best analogy I could think of).

What we do have in common though is a genuine shared care for those around us. This is one of the reasons starting Wheelies as an idea to keep our staff from all of our companies in jobs, and to give back to charities, was such an easy decision.

Photo Credit: Janine Kavanagh
Photo Caption: My bro and I hanging out pre-Megans wedding

Cover Photo Credit: Rae Mutu
Cover Photo Caption: Outside the family homestead which Mum and Dad still live in today. That trike may still be there too......

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  • Gorgeous Boys..Keep up the good work. Love you both heaps!!


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