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Cruzee Alloy Run/Bikes

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There is so little real information about running bikes out there, we want to tell you and your little one are going to fall in love with your new Cruzee Two.

  • The Cruzee TWO is the lightest balance bike on the market.  We made Cruzee with the same lightweight aluminum alloys used in racing bikes, letting it weigh in at a slim 4.4 pounds.  Having a bike your child can easily lift makes it considerably safer and much more fun to use.
  • The Cruzee TWO  is anodized in brilliant colors.  Using aluminum meant we could anodize our bikes.  Anodizing hardens the surface of the bike frame. The color never fades and never corrodes. Your Cruzee Two will look as bright and beautiful in 20 years as it does today.
  • The Cruzee TWO has such a low seat, kids as young as 2 can reach the ground safely.  By using the most efficient frame geometry available, Cruzee TWO is accessible safe for even the smallest budding cyclist.
  • The Cruzee TWO uses only flush-mounted corrosion free hardware. By recessing all the bolts on the Cruzee there there is nothing to bang into and none of the sharp exposed parts kids most frequently get hurt with when using other bikes.
  • The Cruzee TWO is tool free and easy to adjust to exactly fit your child. You can easily fine tune your Cruzee to fit your kids perfectly. Then, you won't ever have to worry about keeping, finding, buying, or storing some tool to do it with.



Light weight, aluminum frame, anodized in vivid colors.

Fast rolling flat proof EVA tires mounted to unbend-able 12" Polypropylene wheels with sealed cartridge bearings.

Low profile stainless steel axle bolts, offering ankle happy running.

No tool quick release adjustment of handlebars and seat to allow rapid adjustment to fit children from 60cm to 125cm tall.

Light weight padded seat almost as comfortable as mom's lap.